Within the Salford Diocese the CAT Governance is comprised of the following structure:


  • Members: Diocesan Trustees Academies Committee
  • Trustees: Board of Directors for Emmaus Catholic Academy Trust
  • Local Governing Bodies for each Catholic Voluntary Academy within the Trust.


The members have oversight of all the CATS within the Diocese of Salford. The members are:

The Right Reverend John Stanley Kenneth Arnold – Bishop of Salford: Overall authority and responsibility for all 208 Catholic schools, colleges & academies in the Diocese of Salford. (Term of Office began: 07/07/2017)

Rev Canon Michael Cooke VG – Vicar General: Diocesan Trustee & Chair of the Trustees Schools’ Committee and the Diocesan Trustees Academy Committee (DTAC). (Term of Office began: 07/07/2017)

Rev Canon Antony McBride – Episcopal Vicar for Education (Emeritus):  Many years experience of overseeing education provision in the Diocese of Salford. (Term of Office began: 07/07/2017)

Mr Simon Smith – Diocesan Director of Education / Episcopal Delegate for Education: Leads a team of Education officers and consultants, having oversight and responsibility for supporting & challenging all aspects of school provision in line with Diocesan policy. (Term of Office began: 01/02/2018)

Mrs Mary Hunter – Lay member: Recently retired Principal of a successful, large, Catholic 6th Form College in Manchester; National profile in college accountability and performance. (Term of Office began: 01/09/2017)


The Directors of each CAT are particular to each one and the Directors for Emmaus can be found on the Meet the Team page.


Each Academy in the Emmaus Catholic Academy Trust has it's own Local Governing Body (LGB). The structure is:


  • Five Foundations Governors (one of which is the Headteacher)
  • Two Parent Governors
  • One Staff Governor


The Board of Directors delegate local responsibilities to the Local Governing Bodies including day to day operational matters. More details can be found in the Scheme of Delegation and Appendix 1.




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